How to Write the Perfect Essay

If you’re considering studying English or another subject of Arts and Humanities at university will require an abundance of essay writing. It’s a skill that is difficult to master , as it demands both imagination and strategic planning. However, if you ensure you do these things every time you write an essay, you should be well on your way to success:

1. Plan

This might sound like a time-consuming task, however, if your plan is a really good plan you’ll be able to save yourself time when it comes to making your essay, since you’ll know where the answer will be headed and won’t push yourself into the wrong direction. Do not fret if you’re stuck at first . Just write down some thoughts and odds are that the rest will be following. I prefer to make a mental map that has each new „bubble’ representing one of my main paragraphs. After that, I create quotes that will be useful for my study of the bubble.

For instance, if I were to answer the question „To what degree is the character of Curley’s spouse depicted as the victim of Of Mice and Men? It might be a good idea to create mentally mapping my thoughts that look something like this:

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You can continue to add to this strategy, marking bits out and linking the various bubbles as you find links between them. Although you probably won’t have the time for an elaborate plan in the exam conditions, it can be helpful just create a rough sketch that contains a couple of key words, so that you don’t get overwhelmed and wander off topic when writing your essay. If you don’t like the mind map style there are plenty of alternatives to pick from: you can make a table or flowchart or simply an outline of bullet points.

2. Be clear about your structure

Be aware of this when you are making plans. The essay you write about is like an argument or a speech – it needs to have a coherent structure, with your entire argument coming together to address the question. Begin by defining the basics: It is best to pick just a few key points that will form your main paragraphs. Three principal paragraphs is an ideal amount for an essay in an exam because you’ll be under pressure to write in a short time. Your points should be organized in a structure which is: Yes (agreement regarding the topic) as well as (another „YES”-related point) However (disagreement or complications) whether you agree or disagree with the entire question, or YES , BUT AND if you do not agree. This will ensure that you’re always focused on your argument and stay away from the question.

For example, you could form the Of Mice and Men sample to be structured as follows:

In what way is the wife of Curley depicted as an innocent hero in Of Mice and Men?’

  • Yes – descriptions of her appearance
  • and – people’s attitudes towards her
  • However, her status as the only female on the ranch grants her authority to use her feminine qualities to advantage

If you want to write a long essay it is possible to include additional paragraphs in the „YES/AND” category, for instance, discussing the ways in which Curley’s wife reveals her vulnerability as well as her insecurities, and shares her fantasies with the other characters; on the other hand, you could extend your essay by including another ‘BUT’ paragraph regarding her cruel and manipulative streak.

Of course, this is not necessarily the only way for answering this essay If you are able to back your argument with evidence from the text, you’re free to use any argument that makes sense.

3. Reiterate your ideas by analyzing your quotes

It’s not possible to write a scientific report without having evidence to back your claims So why should it be any different for an essay? Although you’ren’t expected to justify every idea you present with the use of a quote, there’s certainly no risk in trying. An attentive reading of the quotes you use can increase your understanding of the question and will impress the examiners.

When choosing the most appropriate quotations to incorporate into your essay, look out for specific literary techniques. As an example, you could review Curley’s wife’s use rhetorical questions when she is asked, ‘What am I doing? I’m here, talking to many stiffs of bindle”

The question „An”What do I have to be doing?” signifies that Curley’s wife is very unsure; she seems to be contemplating her choices in life. Moreover, the fact that she does not expect anyone else to answer her query reveals her loneliness.

Other literary techniques worth checking out for include:

  • Tricolon is a phrase that consists of three words or phrases that are placed closely together to give emphasis
  • Tautology – employing different words that mean the same thing including ‘frightening’ as well as ‘terrifying’
  • Parallelism – ABAB structure. Often it refers to the transition from one concept to another
  • Chiasmus – ABBA structure. Draws attention to that phrase
  • Polysyndeton – many conjunctions in one sentence
  • Asyndeton is the absence of conjunctions may speed up the pace of the sentence
  • Polyptoton – – using the same word with different meanings for accent, such as „done,” and „doing.”
  • Alliteration is the repetition of the same sound. Different forms of alliteration are assonance (similar vowel sounds) in addition to plosive (‘b’ as well as ‘d’, ‘p’ and’ sounds) as well as sibilance (‘s’ sounds)
  • Anaphora – repeated words. It’s often used in order to highlight a specific aspect

It’s not a problem if you’re unable to find all these literary devices that are in the work it’s analyzing – you’ll be able to talk about more obvious effects such as simile, metaphor and onomatopoeia. There’s no problem if you’re struggling to remember all the long names – it’s vital to demonstrate the impact of literary techniques and their relevance with the problem than make use of the right terminology.

4. Be original and creative all the way

Anybody can write an essay using the suggestions above, however the element that makes it ‘perfect’ is the unique way you approach it regarding the topic that you’re speaking about. If you’ve found something intriguing or unorthodox in your reading It’s time to make it clear: If you find it fascinating most likely the teacher will as well.

Writing essays and creative writing are closer than you think; Keep the notion that you’re making a speech or a debate in your head and you’ll be sure to capture your readers’ focus.

It’s essential to state your line of argument in your intro, outlining your primary points and the general direction your essay is likely to take, but don’t forget to add something to the end of your essay Also. It’s true that you must summarize your main points, but if you’re simply repeating what you’ve said in the introduction, the essay will be useless.

Think of your final sentence as the point at which you conclude your talk, the one that all the other things have been leading towards, and not your boring lecture at the end of the interesting stuff.

In order to return to Of Mice and Men once more, here is an illustration of what is the ideal difference between an introduction and a concluding sentence:


The novel of John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men, Curley’s wife is described as a complex character. It is possible to view her as a vicious at times, or seductive, or even a lonely woman subject to her society’s perceptions. Even though she seems to wield a form of sexual power, it is clear that Curley’s wife largely the victim. This interpretation is reinforced through Steinbeck’s descriptions of her physical appearance, other characters’ behavior, their dreams and her apparent sadness and insecurity.


In general, it is apparent that Curley’s wife is a victim and portrays it as such throughout the novel, in description of her physical appearance, dreams as well as in the judgemental behavior of other characters as well as her feelings of loneliness and insecurity. The reality is that a person who was a victim and the only thing that was a victim would be one-dimensional and Curley’s partner is not. While she is afflicted in a variety of ways yet she’s shown to assert herself through manipulation of her femininity , a tiny protest against the exploitation she is subjected to.

Both reference back to this question, and also summarize the main points of the essay however, the conclusion adds some new information that was not built into the main body of the essay but is more complex than the straightforward summary that can be found inside the opening.

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